US National Pencak Silat


In July of 2019, myself and other silat players from all over the United States competed in our first internationally recognized pencak silat tournament. Representing my silat teachers in the arena, I was awarded with 1st place in the open class (85kg+) men's adult sparring division (Tanding) and 4th place in solo forms (Jurus Tunggal Baku).

Additionally, I was inducted into the US World Silat team! I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to represent my nation and silat lineage on the world stage.



To anyone reading thanks and may my comments be helpful to you. I’ve had the great fortune of knowing Guru (Charles) for almost 3 years. I have enjoyed sports for a good part of my life, my favorites being wrestling and football. I’d love to write about my accomplishments in both but this is obviously not about me. Saying that, I can pin someone to the floor but I was unable to defend myself if I ever found myself needing to. Though I have much to learn and a way to go, I’m confident in what I’ve learned. I don’t have an extensive martial arts background so, having researched many arts, I’ve found Silat to be not only my favorite but the most practical in real life situations. Guru Charles, is a fantastic instructor, his patience, honestly makes you feel like a student and not a number having to graduate in a time frame set against a learning curve. Simply you get what you put into it with Sifu guiding your path to get there. My best and my we see you in our classes.



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